HC Nadja-Maria

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Type of Ship: Multipurpose geared dry cargo ship strengthened for heavy cargo and equipped for carrying container
Builders: Galati, RomaniaDamen Shipyard
Build: 2000
Flag: Antigua and Barbuda
Homeport: St. John's
IMO-Number: 9214173
Classification: RINA
Tonnages abt 9.000 DWT on abt 7,45m Summer Draft
6,382 GT
3,419 NT
Dimensions: LOA 129,45m
LPP 123,08m
Beam 15,85m
Draft abt 7,45m
capacity Grain/Bale Space abt 451.144 cbft / 12.775 cbm
without tweendecks
Hold 1 abt 184.873 cbft / 5.235 cbm
Hold 2 abt 266.271 cbft / 7.540 cbm
with tweendecks
Hold 1 abt 4.970,9 cbm
Hold 2 abt 7.087,9 cbm
Hatches / Holds Hatch/Hold 1: 38,97m x 13,15m x 11,05m
Hatch/Hold 2: 52,19m x 13,15m x 11,05m
all heights without tweendeck
moveable bulkheads/ boxshaped
partly fitted with 14 tweendecks
Tweendeck Height

              Lower Hold      Tweendeck
Pos1        4,46 m               5,9m

Floor Space

Total of abt 2.615 sqm of which
             Weatherdeck    Tweendeck     Tanktop
Hold1     510 sqm            343 sqm         466 sqm                   
Hold2     686 sqm            609 sqm         669 sqm                        
tweendeck panels can be placed in hold 1 or 2 or as bulkheads   

Deck Strength Tanktop load abt 20 mts/sqm
Tweendeck load abt 3,5 mts/sqm
Weatherdeck load abt 1,75 mts/sqm 
Container Capacity loaded 14mt:                                                                            In Hold: 262 Teu
On Deck: 300 Teu
Total: 562 Teu
12 Reefer plugs 
Cranes Equipped with 2 cranes, starboardside mounted, each of abt 60 mts lifting capacity at 16m outreach,
combinable upto 120 mts
Capacity/Outreach: 60 mts/16m - 40 mts/26m - 30 mts/28,4m
Speed/Consumption 14-15 knots on abt 17,5-18 mts IFO380
eco abt 13 knots on abt 13,5 mtons IFO 380
in SECA Area vessel burns MGO LS instead of IFO380
abt 2,5 mts MGO when working
abt 1,5 mts MGO when idle
Main Engine / Generators M/E MAK 9 M32 - 4.320 kW at 600 rpm
controllable pitch propeller
Bowthruster: 400 kW
Hold Equipment Suitable for IMO Cargoes CO2 fitted
Cargo light fitted in all cargo holds 
Cargo hold ventilations:  
Hold 1  26.000 cbm/hour x 2 pcs          
Hold 2  36.000 cbm/hour x 2 pcs
Alle Angaben sind mit bestem Gewissen gegeben, jedoch ohne Gewähr.
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